We Need Each Other




There are so many chronic illness warriors out there who I look up to. So many of you have written many brilliant books and blogs that reveal your strength and mercy. There are times when I’m at the end of my pain threshold, and those words have the power to infuse my spirit with a new radiance and buoyancy.

This is a gentle reminder that we (chronic warriors) need to continue to promote unconditional support. We need encouragement from one another so we can push through the pain a little further than the day before.

We are not here to compete with one another in the chronic community. It does not matter who has more illnesses, who has the most books published or who has the most followers on twitter. Your ego is not your amigo.

Living with illness means we deal with endless limitations and a vast amount of rejection daily. It’s an ongoing battle between our bodies, doctors, insurance companies and often times our sanity. We are judged for not looking sick and looking too healthy. Over time we learn to internalize our pain because we are unable to find help or understanding from others. This is not a place to shut people out.

We are not here to prove who is the sickest or who is the most competent. We share the same wisdom and understanding that comes from adversity. We must be accepting of one another and gently look after one another through our shared moments of pain, uncertainty and struggle. Someone might be at the end of their rope and are searching for the slightest glimmer of hope.


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